Product Advantages

Why e3garden’s Greens are Awesome

There are several factors that distinguish our produce from others:

  • We specialize in producing the best lettuces, herbs, microgreens, seedlings and greens. Period.
  • We sell all year round.
  • We appeal to customers who value sustainability, locality, food quality, health and wellness.
  • We grow only lettuces, herbs and greens that have the highest nutritional value. Did you know that romaine lettuces have 10-15x the amounts of some nutrients than iceberg lettuce?
  • e3garden uses only organic non-GMO seed and matures its plants under controlled conditions using hydroponic production methods while using no herbicides or pesticides.
  • As part of its business model, e3garden is committed to the efficient and cost effective use of energyfor heating, cooling, lighting, and distribution to maintain a low carbon footprint.  We use only 10% of the water required by open field farms.
  • e3garden focuses exclusively on local markets. All of e3garden’s lettuces, herbs and greens are produced and distributed in the region in which the produce is grown. 90% of the time our produce is sold within a 10 mile radius!
  • All of our plants are sold “live” with the roots on, thus ensuring freshness. You can even re-plant our produce!

So, if you are a person who is socially conscious, who want foods grown from organic seed, you are a locavore, a health and fitness devotee, or someone who cannot ingest toxins contained in pesticides by the advice of their doctor, then you have come to the right place!  Find out more here >>>>