Our Plants

e3garden specializes in growing fresh “live” lettuces, greens, basil, and microgreens 365 days a year for members of the community.

Pesticide-free Produce Grown from Organic Seed

One of the First Produce Vegan Certified!

People Love Our Microgreens!

We Grow Basil with Extra Large Leaves Using Special Methods

Our Seedlings Are Coddled From the Time they Germinate

Radish Micros Provide a Spicy Addition to Meals

We Grow 365 Days a Year

Why e3garden’s Greens are Awesome


Fresh and Nutritious

We only grow varieties of lettuce, herbs and greens that have the highest nutritional value. All of our plants are sold “live” with the roots on, thus ensuring freshness. You can even re-plant our produce. We grow 365 days a year!

Hyper Local

e3garden focuses exclusively on local Philadelphia area communities. All of e3garden’s lettuces, herbs and greens are produced and distributed in the region in which the produce is grown. 90% of the time our produce is sold within a 10 mile radius!


Pesticide Free and Vegan Certified

e3garden uses only organic non-GMO seed and matures its plants under controlled conditions using hydroponic production methods while using no herbicides or pesticides. Our produce is Vegan Certified by the AVA.


Grown Sustainably

e3garden is committed to the efficient use of energy for heating/cooling and lighting to maintain a low carbon footprint.  We use only 10% of the water required by open field farms, and there is no run-off to pollute our rivers. Our farm is powered by Solar Energy!

We appeal to people who value sustainability, local community, food quality, health and wellness.

Our Little Farm

e3garden grows food year-round using sunlight, natural methods and the latest technologies to save energy, water, and minimize impact to the environment. 

Sunlight and Energy Efficient LED's Power Plant Growth

We Supplement our Greens with Veggies Grown in Raised or Floating Beds

A Small Farm with a Big Heart

We Combine High Touch with High Tech

We Offer Free Tours of the Farm

Our Partners and Affiliations


We’ve received grants for energy efficiency improvements, renewable energy, and offering hyper-local fresh produce grown from organic seed with no pesticides.

Partners in Sustainability

We are proud to be affiliated with the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Transition Town Media, and Solar States.