Plant Care Tips

Here are some tips for managing your live plants from e3garden.

Maintaining Plants in Water

You can successfully maintain your plants for weeks in a glass of water. Here’s how.

  • Pick the right size container.
  • If making your own container, cut a 2 inch hole out of the top so the roots of the plant are suspended in the container
  • Fill with water to about 1/4″ above the bottom of the plastic pot.  Do not fill higher or you will suffocate the plant!
  • Maintain and refresh the water level.  Check every few days.

Transplanting into Coco Coir, Other Media, or Soil

Yes, you can transplant into coco coir, peat, perlite, or soil.  These can be maintained for weeks or even months. Here are some tips:

  • Start inside.  If you want to put the plant outside; i.e., wait 1-2 weeks.
  • Make sure you pick a spot that has enough light and is not cold or drafty.
  • Pick the right size container.  A 4-6″ pot is what you want.
  • Fill the container about halfway with media or soil.
  • Gently position the roots and net pot of your plant into the soil (note: do not remove the 2″ plastic pot or the stonewool from around the roots.  Just put the whole thing into the media).
  • Be sure to cover the top of the plastic pot with media or soil
  • Make sure the soil remains moist around the 2″ net pot
  • Feed with a grow solution 1x per week. We can advise you on what to use.

Using the Plant Using “Cut and Come Again” Technique

You don’t have to use the plant all at once.  You can cut part of the plant and it will re-grow!

  • Basil:  Cut from the TOP down at the intersection of one of the branches
  • Lettuces: cut from around the base of the plant from the OUTSIDE in.  Be sure not to cut the center part where new growth is taking place. Don’t cut more than 50% of the leaves at a given time.
  • Other Herbs:  Similar to lettuce.