One of our goals is to grow plants efficiently using less energy


We have two solar power systems that lower our carbon footprint and help us to make progress toward a zero net energy farm

4.8 kWh System

The building that houses the first growing system is powered by a 4.8 kW solar energy system, which produces nearly 6 million watts of energy per year.

Clean Energy for the Next Generation

Panels Convert Sunlight into Electricity

Excess Power Goes Back to the Grid

2.6 kWh System

The latest addition, our garage greenhouse, has a 2.6 kW solar energy system that further lowers our grid-based energy needs. This system produces nearly 4 million watts per year.

Solar is Part of our Business Model

Solar Along with Efficient LED's Lower our Energy Needs

Plants and Solar Panels Have Much in Common

Both systems together save up to 75% on our electricity needs for production