Indoor Farm 1

Vertical Indoor Hydroponic R&D and Production System

This system is used for research and development as well as production.  For research, we:

  • measure the energy requirements for indoor production
  • run a cost-analysis of the system
  • experiment with various designs
  • experiment with various plant types
  • experiment with various input factors such as ph, temperature, lighting, etc.

The following photos show the production of basil and lettuce in the indoor greenhouse system.

Channels and Plants for Lettuce

Basil plants in system

System Parameters

  • NFT system technology using food grade PVC
  • 100¬†finishing sites
  • Multi-level, 2-tiered design
  • High output florescent lighting for each level
  • Aeration system
  • Pumping system

Measurement and Control Equipment

  • EC meter
  • Ph meter
  • Energy meter
  • Timers for light and heat

Summary: This system is effective at growing lettuces, leafy greens and herbs such as basil. Lettuce especially shows rapid growth in the system; e.g., 1-2 inches per day, thus replenishing itself on a weekly basis. Energy is the primary cost, along with seed, nutrients, rockwool, and water conditioners (e.g., PhUP, PhDOWN). Heating and cooling is a sunk cost and folded into the overall costs for the building.