Member Instructions

How it Works

  • Once you are are member, you have first access to our produce at our self-serve market.
  • The market is open about every week all year round.

Ordering Instructions

  • We will post a message on the site that the plants are ready for market.
  • Gold or Micro 1x, 2x, 3x, and XX Members: You are all paid up!  Stop by for pick up. If you are not planning on picking up, pls let us know.


  • Pickup is in the Borough of Media, PA.  Pls text or email for complete directions prior to coming over for your first order. Tel:  484-727-8874.  Email:
  • Stop by anytime noon on Wednesday to noon Friday at the house to pick up your produce. Our system is self-serve. We trust you.
  • The produce will be in bins or refrigerators in our greenhouse, which will be marked “herbs” or “lettuces”, etc.
  • Take what you paid for according to your invoice.
  • Each item will be packaged in plastic or will be ready to go (take the plastic if you need it). We keep the roots on to extend the shelf-life of the plant. See storage and handling instructions below.
  • Recycle or return the small plastic net pots that contain the plants.
  • *Note: we do not deliver products except to wholesale accounts. Members must pick up their produce.

Storage and Handling Tips

  • Store our living plants either at room temp or in the fridge.
  • Plants in fridge will be usable for 1-2 weeks and in a glass of water will last longer and may even continue to grow!
  • The product label will indicate which method is preferred.
  • Fridge: put small amount of water in plastic bag and keep in fridge.
  • Room Temp: put plant in glass of water. Water line should be no higher than halfway up the pot otherwise plant will suffocate. Check every 2-3 days to ensure that plant roots are reaching water.
  • Always wash your produce but wait until you ready to eat it to maintain freshness.
  • See also our Plant Care Tips.

That’s it!  Enjoy.