CSA Plans


At e3garden, we have created new kind of low-cost CSA-type membership that provides individuals and families with convenient access to fresh produce all year round with no high upfront fees! All plants are grown hydroponically from organic seed.  We do not use pesticides or herbicides. We specialize in herbs, lettuces, leafy greens, and micro greens.  All plants are sold “live” with the roots on to ensure the ultimate in freshness.

Our CSA runs 365 days a year. We can offer produce year-round because our operations are indoors in controlled environments.

CSA Plan Descriptions

We offer two premium memberships. All are low-cost and run for 3 months throughout the year (Winter-Spring-Summer-Fall). Become a member for as little as $15/month! Send us an email at info@e3garden.com to request membership.

CSA Member Plans

Gold 1 xGold 2x
TypeYou have a standing order of 1 item per week.You have a standing order of 2 items per week.
How it WorksMake payment one time and pick up items every week.Make payment one time and pick up items every week.
BenefitsMember discounts on quality produceMember discounts on quality produce
Price: 3 month plan$46$85
Sign Upinfo@e3garden.com info@e3garden.com


  • A membership is linked to one email address.
  • Gold plans includes a lettuce, an herb or a green depending on stock.
  • All plans run for 3-months.

How it Works

  • Once you are are member, you have first access to our produce at our self-serve market.
  • Join for as little at $15/month!
  • The market is open usually every week all year round depending on our stock.
  • Gold members pick up their items each week at our location in Media. The market pick up day is usually Wednesday-Friday every week.
  • The market is self-serve and produce will be stored in water or our refrigerated units. Simply pick up what you paid for.  We trust you.
  • Note: we do not deliver products except to wholesale accounts. Members must pick up their produce.

What We Sell

  • Produce:  Herbs (e.g., Basil); Lettuces (e.g., Summer Crisp, Romaine, Butterhead, Bibb);  Greens (e.g., Swiss chard, Kale), and Micro Greens (spicy, mild, shoots).  We adjust items with the season and to provide variation based on market demand.
  • Packaging:  We package the plant “live” with the roots, which allows it to last much longer. Occasionally we sell bunches.  Live plants can be rooted in water or soil and will even continue to grow!

Our Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your membership, you may (i) change to a different membership or (ii) cancel at any time.

How to Sign Up

All we need is your email and other basic information. 
Send us an email at info@e3garden.com to request membership. A membership is linked to one email address.  Although you can sign up at any time throughout the year, don’t wait too long.  We limit the number of people who can sign up at a given time in order to effectively match our supply to demand.